MannionDaniels/David Daniels

Environmental achievements 2020

To support the commitments set out in our environmental policy, in 2020 MannionDaniels met the following environmental targets:

Achieved carbon neutral status in our UK offices
MannionDaniels now has a complete Carbon Dioxide (CO2) footprint across offices. With a complete CO2 footprint, we have achieved carbon neutral status in our UK offices, based on a combination of carbon reduction and offset.

Fully supplied by renewable energy suppliers
All of our UK offices are now supplied by renewable energy suppliers.

Gained B Corp status
Mannion Daniels Limited is now a B Corp certified company.

Moved to Green Office Services
At our head office in Bath, we have engaged Green Office Services who are responsible for cleaning and maintenance. Green Office Services research, procure and supply products and equipment that can be manufactured, used, and disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.