Managed Funds


AmplifyChange is a multi-donor challenge fund supporting civil society organisations to advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights.

MannionDaniels manages AmplifyChange in a consortium with the Global Fund for Women and the African Women’s Development Fund.

By August 2019 we had run 45 funding rounds and supported over 600 grants, mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia with a few in the Middle East and Latin America. Our consortium has teams in the UK, Ghana and the USA and a network of strategic advisers working in countries with grantees.

Every day people face discrimination and violence that affects their sexual and reproductive health and rights. This could be discrimination against their sexuality or violence through harmful traditional practices, such as female genital mutilation/cutting.

We’re working to raise awareness of these issues, to end stigma, and to allow people to make the choices that are right for them and to help individuals stay safe.

We provide grants that support grantees working across five priority themes:

  • Addressing gender-based violence
  • Preventing the causes of unsafe abortion
  • Challenging stigma and discrimination
  • Improving the sexual health of young people, especially girls
  • Increasing access to comprehensive reproductive health services for the most vulnerable and marginalised.

Our grants provide opportunities for grantees to make positive change in their communities. For example, some work to change the policies and laws governing sexual and reproductive health and rights. Others work to change social norms or provide support to those who are the most vulnerable – like child brides and people living with disabilities.

What will change?

Our vision is universal sexual and reproductive health and rights for all. We believe this can only be achieved through building a stronger civil society with diverse, resilient organisations working together to form movements for change.

Advocacy takes a long time, but we have already seen positive change through the work of grantees. These changes include:

  • The decriminalisation of gay sex in the Indian Supreme Court
  • The publication of the Maputo protocol in its entirety in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) so that women can now legally access abortion across a full range of circumstances.

Rolla Khadduri

Fund Director, AmplifyChange