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Our environmental sustainability

MannionDaniels’ mission is to work for an equitable, inclusive, and sustainable world.

We believe that caring for the environment is part of our work in health and equality and we aim to protect the natural world in everything we do.

MannionDaniels recognises the significant environmental sustainability challenges facing the world today, such as the triple planetary crisis of climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss. We are committed to finding ways to reduce and neutralise our contribution to these issues through our business operations and practices.

What we’re doing

  • In line with the UN’s Race to Zero, we have pledged to half our emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero before 2050. Our annual Carbon Report outlines our carbon footprint, reduction strategy, and compensation scheme for each reporting year:
    1. MannionDaniels Carbon Report 2021
    2. MannionDaniels Carbon Report 2022
  • Prior to establishing 2019 as our baseline emissions year, we recorded our total CO2 emissions from staff flights every year since 2014. We invested the total sum of these in sustainable energy projects, which are selected by our staff. Find out more about the projects supported on our Community Programmes page.
  • All of our UK offices are now supplied by renewable energy and maintained by environmentally friendly cleaning services.
  • A proactive and dedicated group of internal environmental champions support our environmental strategy and action plan, including driving engagement and communications around sustainability across colleagues, departments, and offices.

More information on our environmental commitments and actions can be found in our Environmental Policy and green credentials below.

In late 2022, MannionDaniels also launched mdsustain – a new service to support organisations and businesses to become more environmentally sustainable. mdsustain’s packages, guidance, tools and support enable organisations to reduce their environmental footprint and make a positive impact on the planet.

Our green credentials

Our commitment to operational sustainability is demonstrated through the following certifications that we maintain and the initiatives that we participate in:

B Corp

Mannion Daniels Limited is a certified B Corp. B Corporation (or B Corp) is a certification for ethical businesses who work not just for profit, but to benefit people and the planet.

Find out more about our B Corp certification.

Read our news update on our first B Corp Impact Report.

Carbon Neutral

Carbon neutral logo

Mannion Daniels Limited, our UK registered company, is certified CarbonNeutral® from 1 May 2021 until December 2023. Our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions have been calculated and offset using credible carbon credits in accordance with The Carbon Neutral Protocol.

For more information please see our news article.


BSI environmental management logo

Our Environmental Management System is ISO14001 certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI). This certification verifies that we minimise the negative impacts of our operations on the environment, comply with laws and continually improve our policies and processes.

For more information please see our Scope of MannionDaniels Environmental Management System document.

Science-based targets

Science Based Targets Initiative logo

We have set science-based targets to reduce our carbon emissions in line with a 1.5 degree Celsius global warming scenario. Our near-term carbon reduction and net zero science-based targets have been validated by the Science-based Targets Initiative.

More information on our carbon reduction strategy can be found in our annual Carbon Reports above.

SME Climate Hub

SME hub logo

We have signed up to the SME Climate Hub to become part of the United Nations ‘Race to Zero’ campaign. Our commitment is to halve our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reach net-zero before 2050.

More information on our decarbonisation trajectory can be found in our annual Carbon Reports above.

Climate Neutral Now

Climate Neutral Now

We are participants of UNFCCC’s Climate Neutral Now Pledge. We measure, reduce, contribute, and transparently report on our climate actions and achievements annually.

UN Global Compact 

UN global compact logo

As a participant of the UN Global Compact, we support and report on our progress to uphold the United Nations ten principles of respect to human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. We are committed to engaging in collaborative projects which advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

For more information, please see our annual Communication on Progress Reports.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

SDG logo

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. We are contributing to the achievement of the SDGs through our business operations, direct project delivery, and fund management programmes.

Community Programmes

Beyond our strong focus on reducing our climate and environmental impacts, we also have a commitment to community engagement and corporate social responsibility at MannionDaniels.

For more information please see our: