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Our environmental impact

MannionDaniels’ mission is to work for an equitable, inclusive and sustainable world, to practice business as a force for social and environmental good

We aim to protect the natural world in everything we do.

We’re ISO14001 certified through the British Standards International (BSI). ISO 14001 is a family of standards that help organisations to minimise the negative effects their operations have on the environment, comply with applicable laws and continually improve their environmental management system (EMS).

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Mitigating the impact of our travel emissions

In our work, a significant amount of overseas travel is unavoidable. Every year, we record our total CO2 emissions from staff flights and invest the total sum of these in sustainable energy projects, which are selected by our staff. Find out more below:

Bath and West Community Energy

They’re delivering community owned, clean, local energy and increasing generation from renewable energy. Working towards expanding renewable electricity supply to match local electricity supply and test potential new business models around renewable heat and energy efficiency.

Small Wind Co-Op

The Small Wind Co-op is an energy co-operative which owns turbines in Scotland, Wales and soon England. It is completely owned and run by its members and directly supporting renewable energy in the UK.


Fairtransport is the world’s first emission-free shipping company, using wind as a means of propulsion to sail organic and traditionally made products such as olive oil, wine and rum. Fairtransport, based in the Netherlands, are working to “raise awareness about the huge amounts of pollution created by the modern shipping industry and effect positive change in the way goods are shipped around the world”.

What else are we doing?

Taking care of the environment permeates every aspect of our business.

  • We recycle, compost left-over food and monitor waste
  • Our staff receive environmental awareness training
  • We source catering for meetings from local, organic suppliers and office equipment from sustainable suppliers
  • We work with our suppliers to ensure everything – from the packaging for our IT equipment and stationery, to cleaning and sanitary products ­– is recyclable and environmentally safe
  • Encourage the use of conferencing technology in place of travel wherever possible.

Positive results – in the first quarter of 2019 we:

  • Offset 65.03 tonnes of CO2 from national and international flights
  • Reduced our use of cardboard boxes by nearly 30%
  • Increased the efficiency of our food waste composting efforts by more than 400%
  • Expanded the use of video conferencing
  • Focused on office-wide efforts to go paperless and reduce the use of single use plastics.