MannionDaniels renews carbon neutral certification

Posted: 21/09/2022

To mark zero-emissions day, Mannion Daniels Limited, our UK registered company, are pleased to announce that we have renewed our CarbonNeutral® company certification until the end of 2023. Zero-emissions Day is an annual international day of action occurring on the 21st of September, where individuals and companies promote a future without air pollution and highlight their efforts towards zero-emissions. Maintaining our carbon neutral status is an important part of our journey towards halving our emissions by 2030, and achieving net-zero emissions well before 2050 in line with the UN’s “Race to Zero” campaign.

How we sustain carbon neutrality on our journey to net zero

As a climate positive company, we recognise the importance of minimising our contribution to the triple planetary crisis of climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss and continue to support multiple green initiatives to account for any impacts we have on the climate and environment. We prioritise reducing our own emissions first and foremost, which is the most important step in moving towards net zero emissions. Our carbon reduction strategy includes sourcing renewable energy for our UK premises, exploring alternatives to gas heating, raising staff awareness of energy efficiency while working at the office and home, developing sustainable business travel guidance and policies, and setting annual carbon budgets for flights, hotels, and land travel.

While implementing our carbon reduction activities to achieve net zero before 2050, we continue to account for our residual and unavoidable carbon emissions by investing in carefully chosen and credible carbon offsetting projects which reduce or remove carbon from our atmosphere. Projects are selected on their climate and wider environmental credentials, as well as their alignment with our broader company social values of creating an equitable, inclusive, and sustainable world and building movements for change for the poorest and most vulnerable.

Rooftop Solar Energy, East Africa

As of June 2022, MannionDaniels have been supporting a new initiative which provides solar lighting systems to off the grid households in East Africa. In doing so, we are helping households to move away from expensive kerosene gas lamps, over to safe and renewable solar lighting. This reduces domestic energy needs and carbon being released into our atmosphere. So far, the project has installed affordable solar energy in over 750,000 homes throughout East Africa.

The project works by installing three LED lights in each house which is charged by a single solar panel installed on the roof. One of those lights can be used as a torch. Other benefits include the provision of phone charging cables which can be plugged in to the solar panels. This is key to so many people living in rural East Africa as it ensures they have access to phone-based micro-finance, which is now essential for countless people to participate in the formal economies of many low-income countries.

Contributing to the SDGs

Beyond reducing the amount of greenhouse gases entered into the atmosphere, the supported solar project also contributes to several SDGs which aligns it with MannionDaniels broader mission and company values.

By supporting the provision of clean solar lighting to rural impoverished households, we are contributing to improved health and wellbeing by reducing the amount of air pollution in people’s homes. The initiative also ensures access to affordable and clean energy, thus supporting the transition to a greener economy. Further, by significantly reducing the amount of money that households are spending on kerosene each month, MannionDaniels are contributing to a reduction in global poverty through our support of this project.

The initiative is verified by Gold Standard, a carbon offsetting certification body which ensures that carbon credits are real, verifiable, and that projects make measurable contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are proud to be supporting this innovative renewable energy programme as we move towards net zero and continue to strive towards achieving the SDGs.

Our CarbonNeutral company certification is awarded by Climate Impact Partners, who are leading experts on carbon neutrality and climate finance. Their assessment and certification provides transparent, third-party assurance of our climate action.