New UK Aid Match podcast episode – Organisational approaches to disability inclusion: Insights from MannionDaniels


MannionDaniels is fund manager for UK Aid Match, a Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) fund supporting civil society organisations working towards the Global Goals.

Does your organisation want to improve disability inclusion but is not sure where to start?

In the latest episode of The Learning Post - a podcast from UK Aid Match - we speak to MannionDaniels team members Micaila Vivier (HR Manager) and Chin Okonkwo (Performance and Risk Manager). They discuss how MannionDaniels has been supporting disability inclusion and offer useful tips for others looking to strengthen disability inclusion within their organisations.

Listen in for practical advice on inclusive recruitment, accessible communications, and how to manage reasonable adjustments.

Extract from podcast

“Absolutely, we take this from the very beginning, from the interview, and we are very open to make reasonable adjustments to ensure workers with disabilities, or physical or mental health conditions are not substantially disadvantaged when they are applying for the job.”

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Of course, there are lots more ways to support disability inclusion and it’s therefore important to remember, no one size fits all though, but we can all give it a good try.

Ultimately, we do recommend organisations seek feedback and consult with people with disabilities regarding accessibility.