Practice area

Public financial management and fiduciary risk management

MannionDaniels support both governments and donor partners through a collaborative approach to the strengthening of financial management systems. Much of our work focuses on mitigation of the fiduciary risks inherent when working in high-risk environments and fragile states.

We use a risk-based methodology, engaging with public sector bodies, donors, and partners to design measures that improve accountability, reduce fiduciary risk and strengthen financial controls.

Our practice works across 60+ countries, focusing on those which are most fragile or scoring lowest in the Human Development Index, and consequently present the highest levels of risk when investing development assistance funding.

Topic areas covered

  • Fiduciary risk assessment
  • Public financial management assessments
  • Public financial management reform and improvement plans
  • Due diligence assessment
  • Audit and anti-fraud measures

Case study: Health Sector Procurement and Public Financial Management

MannionDaniels leads on the public financial management (PFM) component of the Health Sector Procurement and Public Financial Management (PPFM) programme in Nepal.  The project is to provide oversight and assessment for procurement and financial management in Nepal’s health sector.

Project map

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