Knowledge facilitator for the sexual and reproductive health and rights research programme

Bangladesh, Burundi, Jordan
Start February 2019
End date
31 December 2020

About the project:

The Dutch research body NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development has recently supported 12 research projects in Bangladesh, Burundi and Jordan, focusing on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).  MannionDaniels is working with the research partners and NWO-WOTRO to share knowledge and translate research policy into actions.

There is a strong focus in many of the research projects on adolescent SRHR, and also on the sexual and reproductive health and rights of the most vulnerable, including people who have been displaced from their homes.  This research is important in Bangladesh, Burundi and Jordan themselves to ensure better policy making and programming, but it’s also useful for researchers and programmers internationally.

MannionDaniels has a small team of SRHR and research specialists working on this project. Between February 2019 and December 2020, the team will be delivering tailored work packages for each country. Outputs will include:

  • a webinar on best-practice for online knowledge sharing.
  • a roundtable event at the African Population Conference in Kampala, discussing SRHR issues facing vulnerable youth.
  • practical how-to guides, allowing projects to share their experiences with others in a way that promotes confidence and action.
  • policy briefs that summarise cross-cutting themes.
  • visual storytelling and infographics, bringing each project’s journey to life.
  • an end-of-programme conference in the Netherlands to celebrate, promote and share results from all 12 projects


The aim

This facilitation of the exchange of knowledge between each project, at a country and regional level, and to a wider external audience aims to make research findings and methodology best practice more widely available and used.

Who else is involved

The Hewlett Foundation

Share-Net International

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

For more information about their involvement, please visit the NWO-WOTRO SRHR projects web page