Practice areas

Digital solutions

The MannionDaniels digital solutions team has many years of industry experience and each team member is adept at bringing innovative solutions to real, practical work problems.

We work cost-effectively, using open standards and open source software which we believe gives us scope to innovate and makes for easier collaboration with diverse organisations, including donors, project partners and grantees.

We’ve developed various websites and we're also developing a range of services to support effective programme delivery. Our expertise with drones and geomapping can help with project planning and monitoring – for example, we can provide detailed topographical analysis to identify likely malaria hotspots. And we’re working on ways to help funds monitor and analyse progress; we’re creating a series of dashboards to support data visualisation, using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, making it easy for people to  work easily with their visualisations, and embed them into their own websites, reports etc.

Topic areas covered

  • Web content management systems/website design
  • Software engineering/software development
  • Database design/management
  • Data visualisation/analysis
  • Digital architectures/microservices
  • Cloud computing/serverless architectures
  • Remotely piloted aircraft (drones).

Case study: AmplifyChange Learn

In August 2019 we launched, an online resource to help local civil society organisations with AmplifyChange grants to strengthen their advocacy and develop their organisational priorities. Often, these groups are small (most have an annual income of $200k or less) and many work in remote or hard to reach locations. It can be expensive and difficult for them to develop their capabilities – but it’s vital that they do, so their support and expertise can extend as widely as possible.


Project map

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