Practice areas

Conflict, environment and resilience

Conflict, climate change and environmental degradation harms people, weakens institutions and disrupts systems, while also undermining progress towards achieving the sustainable development goals. MannionDaniels engages with governments, donors, organisations, and communities to address the root causes of these issues and the nexus between them.

With a diverse range of partners, MannionDaniels empowers people to withstand the impact of conflict and environmental and climatic change, through building resilience and promoting sustainability. We have a strong track record of working in fragile and conflict-affected states, creating opportunities and improving lives, especially among the most vulnerable and marginalised. Our experienced team uses innovative and conflict sensitive approaches to deliver technical assistance, fund management, monitoring, evaluation and learning, and capacity building services at all levels from the local to international.

In all our work, to achieve sustainability of outcomes, we strengthen the resilience of individuals, communities, and institutions. By resilience we mean the capacity to anticipate, absorb, and adapt to the shocks and stresses caused by conflict and environmental change. We take a systems-orientated approach to resilience programming, addressing the causes of risks, fragility and vulnerability while doing no harm. Our teams are consistently adjusting resilience strategies considering evidence and feedback from continuous monitoring, evaluation and learning. Our work to date has supported projects in the Sahel and the Horn of Africa

How we deliver

MannionDaniels develops and implements high impact  conflict, environment and resilience projects and programmes by working with experts who understand local conditions. We are currently providing technical and advisory services to large to a large global funding mechanism for climate mitigation and adaption to ensure environmental and social safeguards, gender, indigenous peoples and sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment issues are adequately addressed in their climate mitigation and adaptation projects.

We have commissioned and are overseeing more than 80 projects addressing conflict, climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, natural resource management, and biodiversity conservation on UK Aid Direct  and UK Aid Match, two MannionDaniels managed government funds.

We have  conducted political economy analyses and organisational capacity assessments for social affairs Departments in several regions of  Somalia  for UNICEF and provided data and recommendations to assist them in improving their service delivery.

Our team

We draw on a multi-disciplinary team of professionals with expertise in areas such as political economy and conflict analysis, peace-building and stabilisation, environmental impact assessment, environmental and social safeguards, gender, climate mitigation and adaptation, terrestrial and marine conversation area management, community-based natural resource management, species conservation, illegal wildlife trafficking, one-health, and rural livelihoods and eco-tourism. Our team has a wealth of experience in proposal development, programme design and delivery, research and analysis, capacity building, monitoring, evaluation and learning, knowledge management and dissemination, and management of grants and funds in geographies across Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Topic areas covered


  • Conflict research and analysis
  • Conflict and gender sensitive approaches
  • Conflict mitigation, peacebuilding, and stabilisation programme design and implementation
  • Governance, accountability mechanisms, and inclusive politics initiatives
  • Women, peace and security interventions


  • Carbon footprint assessment with reduction and offsetting strategy guidance
  • Environmental sustainability guidance, tools, and action plans with an emphasis on nature based solutions
  • Environmental and social due diligence for projects and programmes
  • Natural resource management and biodiversity conservation project design and implementation
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation project design and implementation

Case Study: Mandate and stakeholder mapping for the Presidential Committee on the North-East Initiative

The Presidential Committee on the North East Initiative (PCNI) was set up to coordinate the work of the very many state and non-state organisations involved in rebuilding the fragile states in north-eastern Nigeria under the ambitious plan developed by the Nigerian Federal Government in 2016. The plan included reconstruction of infrastructure and socio-economic rehabilitation to boost stability, resilience and long-term sustainable development.

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