Due diligence assessments

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MannionDaniels have developed a due diligence methodology to allow assessments to be completed in a way that is both robust, proportionate, and collaborative.

Working with our partners we created tailored due diligence solutions capable of addressing the risk appetite and profile of each project individually. Our assessments have been applied across more than 60 countries worldwide, and over 1000 organisations. We have worked with organisations of all sizes and complexities, from the smallest grassroots bodies to the largest INGOs and multilateral organisations.

MannionDaniels have worked on delivering due diligence for numerous projects. Some examples are included below:


755 assessments

As fund manager of the AmplifyChange Fund, MannionDaniels completed more than 700 due diligence assessments. Our assessments focused on the capacity building of grassroots civil society organisations operating in the global south.

UK Aid Direct and UK Aid Match

355 assessments

As Fund Manager for UK Aid Direct and UK Aid Match, MannionDaniels is responsible for the completion of due diligence for all grants awarded under the funds. These are both UK and internationally based.

Assessments are completed in line with the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office’s due diligence framework. The grant holders under the fund focus vary from small to large non-government organisations.

UK Aid Connect

13 assessments

MannionDaniels completed due diligence on the first funding round of UK Aid Connect. The Connect grant holders were large international non-governmental organisations (INGOs) acting as the focal point of a for consortia of non-governmental organisation (NGOs).


7 assessments

MannionDaniels were responsible for completing due diligence and financial management assessment on beneficiaries of department of international development grants in two programs focussing on Tax and Public Financial management: Fiscal Accountability, Sustainability and Transparency (FAST), and Regional and International Tax Initiatives (RITI).

Disability Catalyst Fund

3 assessments

In 2016 MannionDaniels supporting grant giving under the Disability Catalyst Fund through completion of due diligence assessments.

Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Fund

MannionDaniels provide fund management support to GSMA on the management of the Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Fund. This includes the completion of due diligence assessments on all organisations shortlisted for a grant during the funding window. Assessments are used to support and inform the assessment of applications, as well as capacity building and strengthening of grantees during the life of the grant.