GAVI – Budgeting & reporting for Gavi 5.0

7 months
End date
September 2021

In 2021 MannionDaniels was contracted by Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance to redesign the budgeting and reporting templates to be used in support of the Gavi 5.0 strategy. Gavi’s system of funding is complex; they award funding to countries through 7 different funding channels, including health systems strengthening, vaccine introduction grants, and operational support grants. Funding is provided both to public sector organisations in the recipient country and multi-lateral bodies supporting delivery of a common logframe. The complex budgeting and reporting requirements led to a pre-existing system of budgeting which struggled to deal with the requirements and lacked alignment with reporting.

Over the course of the project the delivery team were responsible for completing a stakeholder consultation exercise across Gavi to determine how existing templates were being used, and strengthening measures that could be developed in the revised versions. The development process was iterative, relying on user feedback to create a system of templates which were flexible and adaptive to report a very varied grant portfolio in a consistent manner across the organisation.

The templates developed by MannionDaniels presented a universal solution capable of managing the budgeted inputs across all Gavi funding types and supporting financial reporting on a different basis.