Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League

One year
End date
January 2020

MannionDaniels supports ex-services charity to strengthen financial management

The Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League (RCEL) is a registered charity founded in 1921 to improve the lives of ex-military personnel across former Commonwealth states.

Created by the governments of Austraila, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom, the charity’s main aim and slogan is to “ensure that no Commonwealth ex-serviceman or woman is without help if in need”.

Today, the organisation’s work is a lifeline for veterans and widows who receive no pension or assistance from their governments and the charity provides welfare to over 7,000 veterans and widows across 48 of the ex-Commonwealth nations.

Through financial support RCEL also aim to provide 2 meals (or the equivalent of 2,400 calories a day) to their beneficiaries to ensure they receive a healthy diet.

To cope with increased pressure on its services RCEL sought funding from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and was awarded its first grant of public money in 2018. As this was the charity’s first grant of public money, FCDO contracted MannionDaniels to lead the due diligence process to ensure RCEL could manage the funds effectively and make recommendations to help build its financial management capacity.

In addition to helping streamline RCEL’s financial management, the MannionDaniels Fiduciary Risk Team carried out site visits to beneficiaries in South Africa and Lesotho. We also supported the organisation to introduce finance manuals, complete budget and risk management training and improve their HR processes.

Who else is involved

Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

What was achieved

The work gave FCDO the peace of mind that RCEL could manage their grant successfully to ensure the funding meets beneficiaries’ needs.

RCEL were very satisfied with the project and wish to continue working with us in the future. MannionDaniels’ Head of Public Financial Management, David Bailes, commented on the success of the partnership:

“We were proud to work with such a historic organisation and important casue as the RCEL.

Helping them to stregthen their financial management was a rewarding experience and our partnership has enabled RCEL to be in a stronger position for securing future grants to continue their work improving the lives of ex-service men and women.

We look forward to partnering with them again in the future.”