Fiduciary risk services for AmplifyChange 2

End date

AmplifyChange launched in 2014 as a project by a consortium led by MannionDaniels with the African Women’s Development Fund and Global Fund for Women. In early 2020, AmplifyChange registered as an independent not-for-profit organisation.

The new stand alone entity is funded by grants from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark (Danida), the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), as well as donations from private foundations.

AmplifyChange operates as a challenge fund, accepting applications for grant funding on a competitive basis through scheduled funding rounds. The fund supports advocacy groups working on the following five priority areas to improve overall gender equality and SRHR:

  • Addressing gender-based violence, including sexual violence and FGM
  • Addressing the causes of unsafe abortion including decriminalisation of abortion
  • Challenging stigma and discrimination, attitudes and laws that undermine human rights, including on grounds of gender or sexual orientation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) individuals
  • Improving sexual health of young people and girls, including comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and addressing child and early forced marriage (CEFM)
  • Increasing access to comprehensive reproductive health services for poor, vulnerable and marginalised people

What we did

MannionDaniels acted as fund manager for the original AmplifyChange Fund dated back to 2014. Under phase 2 of the fund MannionDaniels has continued to provide financial and fiduciary risk services to the new, standalone entity.

We work across all funding rounds and grants to ensuring that funds reach their intended destination and that fiduciary risks are effectively mitigated. With this role MannionDaniels manages that accounting and financial disbursement procedures. We are responsible for the completion of due diligence assessments prior to the contracting of each grant. Over the life of the project we run the budgeting and financial reporting processes. Additionally, we are responsible for the management of all fraud risks in the fund.