Public Expenditure Tracking Survey for Health Sector in Bangladesh

18 months
End date
June 2022

MannionDaniels and its partners ARK Foundation and the Bureau of Economic Research have been selected to undertake a Public Expenditure Tracking Survey for the Health Sector in Bangladesh.

Our role

The study mapped the public financial and resource flows from the Ministry of Finance (MOF) through the various administrative levels of the health system with a particular focus on district and subdistrict levels. The survey also looked at the performance of health facilities seen through the views and perspectives of frontline health sector staff and patients. Existing data sources, key informant interviews as well as a facility survey of a subsample of six districts provided the basis for the analysis. Financial management and accountability flows have been mapped out to facilitate understanding of the complexities in the health system.

The final report has been used to develop policy briefs that aim to improve efficiency and equity of health financing and strengthen financial management systems.

Who else is involved

This project was delivered by MannionDaniels in conjunction with ARK Foundation and the Bureau of Economic Research in Bangladesh.


Health Economics Unit, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh

World Bank, Bangladesh