Strengthening county capacity in planning and budgeting – The World Bank

One year
End date
August 2019

About the project:

The health sector was the largest service sector to be devolved in Kenya under the new constitution in 2010. The intention was to allow each county government to design innovative models and interventions that suit the unique health needs in their own contexts and to make autonomous, quick decisions on mobilising and managing resources. But almost a decade later, capacity gaps were evident in the variable performance of key functions, particularly at county government level. The World Bank Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) aims to strengthen county capacity to formulate realistic, credible health plans and budgets and to improve understanding of the budget process, cycle and techniques, increasing the chances that the final resource allocation matches health sector priorities.

MannionDaniels was contracted to provide technical assistance, mentoring and coaching to health departments in 18 counties. When we started work, only three of the 18 counties had formally reviewed their performance and we began by carrying out a capacity analysis.  Over the course of the year our staff on the ground have focused on helping county health departments develop the skills they need to inform better planning. We’ve provided them with tools to measure their own effectiveness and check that they’ve aligned plans with budgets, consulted adequately with local stakeholders and set appropriate priorities.

By the end of the year, all 18 counties had completed robust work plans. Our plans for year two of the project, if appointed, is to embed the culture of planning and budgeting within departments of health so that the effectiveness of future plans isn’t compromised by the relatively high turnover of staff that many departments experience. We also plan to equip counties with the skills and tools to track expenditure accurately, to ensure that the final resource allocation matches health sector priorities, and to make sure funds are directed to their intended purpose.


The aim

Better planning, budgeting and monitoring means that local health services will meet the needs of local people. It also means that counties will be able to apply for World Bank grants to improve local health systems; these grants are only available to applicants who produce effective work plans.

Who else is involved

The project is funded by The World Bank.

Other organisation involved include:

  • Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office
  • Denmark’s international development agency Danida
  • Kenyan government.